When you look around you will find that we are surrounded by a number of technological gadgets. These technological gadgets help us a lot do a number of things in a more efficient way. We can save a lot of time and money by taking advantage of the latest technology. If you are an event organizer you can also find a number of technological gadgets and applications that can help your organize and manage different kinds of events. Use of the latest technology is what makes the professionals working for Event Organisers Singapore better than the rest.

By taking full advantage of the latest technological gadgets, a lot of Event organisers can organize and manage their events in a much easier and efficient way. Whether you want to organize a social event or you are given the responsibility to organize and manage a big corporate event, technology can help you in either case. If you want to become the best event organiser in Singapore, use of the latest technology should be on top of your how to plan an event checklist.

It is hard to find event management experts who are well-versed with the latest technology. Some of the event organisers working in Singapore know a bit about the latest technology, but they are always hesitant to use it. When you go out there asking different event organisers working in Singapore about what kind of technology they use, most of them will tell you that they use:

Big screens,
Power point projectors,
Excel sheets and other tracking software to make their events high tech.

Well, these items are now a thing of the past, the event planning and managing landscape has now completely changed. All the old fashioned technological tools are replaced with more powerful and easy to use gadgets, apps, and software.

If you want to be different and you want to be successful in event planning and organizing industry, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest technology and try to use it in every event you organize. This is the only way you will be considered as the best event organiser in the market. The more comfortable you feel using the latest technology, the better chances of growth and success.

Although there are plenty of resources for event planners, the most valuable and effective resources belong to the technological world. Let us now look at some of the latest technologies that most professionals working with Event Organisers Singapore need to get familiar with in order to become successful in this field.

Use of Google Hangout

Google Hangout is actually a kind of video-conferencing app that allows its users to interact with each other through their webcams. If you want to become the best even planner, you can take advantage of this wonderful technology and communicate with multiple vendors at one time. This app allows 10 people to video conference with each other at any given time.

Use of Social Media

In addition to taking care of the planning and managing task, most event organisers nowadays also assigned the task to take care of the promotional activities of the event. Instead of using the old traditional marketing and advertising channels, such as Print media, and Electronic media, the event organisers now can take advantage of various social media sites.
There are many benefits of using these social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The first and foremost advantage is that these social media channels offer a wider audience. When you use Facebook to promote your next event; you are actually reaching out to millions of people. The event organisers working in different parts of Singapore can also use the Tweeter platform to Tweet about the next event and can easily reach millions of people within no time.

The best event organisers can also use these social media channels to create awareness about different kind of events, such as fundraisers, trade shows, cultural events and much more and generate a response from them by making them fill a small form.

In addition to these benefits, there are so many other things that the corporate event organisers can do by using various social media channels.

Use of digital Event material

You now do not need to print out a lot of flayers or hang those big banners in the streets to advertize an upcoming event. You now can take advantage of digital graphics to promote an event.

The event organisers can provide all the information about an event to the attendees or the general public right on their smartphones or smart devices. This not only saves a lot of time but it is very budget friendly.  The more high-tech event organisers can also try using various mobile apps to promote an event.

Use of Webcasting/Videoconferencing Technology during an event

If you are a guest or participant of an event and you are unable to attend the special event for some reason, there is nothing to be worried about. By taking advantage of the Webcasting/Videoconferencing technology the corporate even planners working in Singapore can make you attend the important event virtually.

By taking advantage of various apps and services like Webex, Telenect, and Omnovia, the event organisers can make you feel as you are actually present in the event. Some event organisers also use this technology to conduct and manage an entire event virtually.

Use of Audio Response System

There are some events that require a lot of participation from the audience. Instead of making the audience raise their hands to communicate with the speaker, the event planners can take advantage of the latest Audio Response System.


The ultimate goal of holding any event is to impart as much information as possible to the attendants in the easiest way possible. It is the responsibility of all the experts working for Event Organisers Singapore to maximize the participation of the attendants and make the event as fun, friendly and enjoyable as possible.

The only way to do it without putting too much stress on yourself is by making full use of the latest technology. Besides making the event more enjoyable and participatory, use of the latest technology can help the event organisers plan and manage it easily and more efficiently.