Gala and Awards Planners in Singapore

Gala and Awards Planners in Singapore

Gala and Awards Planners in Singapore – Some Steps Take To Make Your Event a Success

It is not a joke to organize a fundraiser or a gala dinner in the real world. You have to look for generous sponsors, arrange for food and beverages, accommodate your guests and make the event entertaining for all. Gala and Awards Planners in Singapore are well aware of all these aspects, therefore, they leave no stone unturned to make your gala dinner or fundraiser event a success.

When it comes to organizing galas and fundraisers, different event planners have different gala event ideas. If you want to make your fundraiser or gala dinner successful, you need to look for a certified event planner that holds a lot of experience in planning, organizing and managing such type of special events.

Before we proceed further to find out what it takes to arrange a perfect gala dinner, we need to find out what does this term mean and what the purpose of holding such events is.
Gala Dinner

A gala dinner is a big event both for the company/organization or individual. In plain and simple words Gala dinner is more like a prom night, but it is attended by adults and it is arranged for a noble cause. Gala dinners are mostly arranged to raise money for a noble cause, like for building a hospital or a shelter home for the homeless. Besides that galas are also arranged before an important event like the Oscar ceremony or employees’ award distribution ceremony.

Gala dinners are usually setup at the end of a long conference or award distribution ceremony; therefore, every step should be taken to provide a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to the participants. This is the reason you will see food and drinks, entertainment options and even dancing sessions on a typical gala event planning checklist.

Let us not have a look at some of the steps you need to take in order to make your gala dinner or fundraising event a success:

Find the Exact Purpose

In order to arrange a successful fundraising gala, you will have to first outline the purpose or objective of holding such an event. You need to keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and money to arrange nonprofit gala fundraising events. Without getting financial support from the donors and advertisers it will become hard to arrange such big events. Sharing the aims and objectives of the fundraising gala with your partners, event organizers, sponsors and participants are very important. This is the first and most important step in arranging a successful gala dinner or fundraiser event.

Determine the Costs

In order to plan the fundraising event or gala dinner effectively, you need to know how much seed money is available and how much money is required to take care of different expenses. Depending on the type of event, the number of participants and the venue of the event, you need to have a clear picture of all the financial resources available to you and all the costs that you will have to meet.

You may be required to arrange money for food and drinks, advertising, items to be sold, site rental, audio/visual equipment and many other expenses. By keeping track of how much money you will require meeting all the expenses, how much seed money do you actually have and how much money you are expected to raise from the event, will help you make the fundraising event successful.

Determine Ticket Price

A gala dinner or a fundraising event is all about raising money for a noble cause. As a certified event planner, you will have to come up with a realistic figure of how much money you are required to raise from the event. Once you are able to find out how much money you are expected to raise, you will be able to set a price for the tickets and determine how many guests you need to invite. While determining the price tag for the ticket, you should not forget about adjusting the costs of arranging such an event and the seed money you already have. Selling tickets is an important part of any fundraising event; therefore, it should be on top of your event planning guide and worksheets.

Alternative Methods of Raising Funds

Gala and Awards Planners in Singapore also need to think about the alternative ways of raising funds. There are many other ways that you can use to raise money for the noble cause, these include:

– selling advertising opportunities
– arranging silent auctions
– splitting sales with other supporting companies
– holding raffle
– selling refreshments or other products

These are some of the ways most event organizers use to arrange additional funds in gala dinners or fundraisers. You can think of any other ways, but make sure they are practical and able to attract more people.

Choosing the right Venue

Gala and Awards Planners in Singapore know the importance of choosing a perfect place to organize such events. The venue you select to hold a gala dinner or a fundraising event should be big enough to easily accommodate all the participants including entertainment providers and meal providers. It should also be comfortable enough to allow people to freely socialize with each other. You should also keep in mind to use an appropriate theme for the fundraiser event. There are many unique gala themes to choose from, so make your decision wisely. If you are facing problems selecting a theme, you will be able to find plenty of charity gala themes on the net. Try to use the best gala themes for your event in order to make it look different.

Now you know that gala and awards planners in Singapore have to keep a lot of things in mind before arranging a gala dinner or a fundraising event. A single mistake or a wrong or late move can greatly influence the outcomes of such events, so you need to make sure to always hire certified event planners to handle such important events.