Meeting Planners in Malaysia

Meeting Planners in Malaysia

Meeting Planners in Malaysia

Meeting Planners in Malaysia have gained a lot of respect and fame all over the world within a very short period of time. This is because of their hard work and their solid commitment towards their work.

When you look at event planner duties and responsibilities you will quickly realize that it is not any easy job by any stretch of the imagination. An event planner or meeting planner has to take care of a lot of things in order to make an event or meeting successful. He/she has to plan, organize and manage a number of tasks in a coordinated way to make an event or meeting a success.

How to become a certified event planner

In order to become a certified event planner, you will have to take a lot of certified meeting planner courses. These courses are offered at various institutes and colleges. You will learn a lot of things about event and meeting planning, such as:

-how to find the most suitable location for an event or meeting
-how to send out invitations
-how to organize meals and beverages
-how to set up audio-visual equipment
-how to run an event or meeting smoothly

These are some of the few things that you will learn when you enroll in a certified event or meeting planning course. All of these programs are administered by professional event planners or organizers who hold a lot of experience in this field. The duration of these meeting planning courses may vary from one institution to another and the kind of certification you want to pursue. Some of these courses are very short duration; you will be able to become a certified meeting planner in just a couple of months, while others may require you to complete multiple semesters before you get your event planner certificate.

Following are some of the major concepts you will be able to learn in these courses:

-Catering management techniques
-Timeline management
-Travel arrangements
-Event flow

Once you are able to complete your courses and pass all your examination papers, you will be awarded your certified meeting planner CMP certification.

In case you are not able to attend these classes physically, you can always enroll in various online event/ meeting planning courses. There are many colleges and universities which offer certified event planner online course. All of these online courses also teach you the same concepts and prepare you to plan and execute any kind of event in a better and well-organized manner. Once you are able to complete these online event/meeting planning courses, you will be able to organize all sorts of organized events such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, wedding anniversaries and big events such as corporate events and conferences.

Some of the meeting planners in Malaysia prefer to take on-campus classes to get their CMP certificate while others prefer to enroll in online courses. Let us now have a detailed look at some of the event planning courses you will be required to take in order to get your CMP certificate.

Event Planning and Event Management Courses – as an event/meeting planner, you are expected to show good managerial skills, such as good organizational skills, good leadership skills, and critical thinking skills. The event planning and event management courses will teach you how to polish your managerial skills. You will be able to learn how to offer great customers service, how to utilize the space efficiently, how to allocate budgets wisely, how to contact your vendors and how to effectively take care of logistics.

Marketing Courses – there are different formats of events that you may be required to organize, plan and manage once you become a certified event/meeting planner. Some of these events may require you to send invitations to only specified persons, while others may require you to attract more people to make the event successful. Marketing courses will teach you how to market an event effectively and attract more attendance. You will also be able to learn how to attract more sponsors for the event in order to reduce the overheads and increase the profits.

Food & Beverage Management – almost all the events require you to make arrangements for food and beverages. This is clearly mentioned in a meeting planner job description and therefore, you have to learn this art as well. Food and Beverage Management courses will teach you how to learn the pricing and logistics operations of an event or meeting and how to factor food into the event. For some events, you may be required to contract caterers, while for others you may have to handle all the food and beverage operations yourself.

Special Event Planning Courses – if you want to join the list of successful meeting planners in Malaysia you will have to learn how to plan, organize and manage special events. These special events require your special attention and your special skills. Special Event Planning courses will help you learn how to plan and manage special events such as weddings, trade shows, birthdays, and corporate meetings. You will be able to learn every aspect of organizing such special events like financing, scheduling, catering, and entertainment.

Event Planning Liability – besides handling other matters, meeting planners in Malaysia also have to keep in mind the legal aspects of planning, organizing and managing meetings and events. They should be able to know how to handle contracts legally, resolve billing issues, insurance, and other legal matters in a professional way. In order to train corporate meeting planners in legal matters, risk management, and legal courses are also taught to them. By taking these courses event planners are able to better protect themselves, their employees and their contractors.

These are some of the certified meeting planner requirements that you may have to fulfill in order to join the team of best meeting planners in Malaysia.